Mission control
for your workday

Meet Charli, your AI-powered chief of staff that eliminates productivity killers and makes work flow.

Manage your workday in

Declutter your mind, your inbox, and your desk. Let Charli organize everything so you can collaborate better and find content faster. 

Forward emails, drag and drop files, take pictures — just handover the content you need organized. Charli understands all types of content and will find the right place to file it away.

Charli is there whenever or wherever you need. On the go, at your desk, or even while you are deep into cleaning out your inbox. Just ask Charli for a bit of organization magic.

Charli understands context in natural language, adds notes and hashtags to help Charli file your content and make it easy to find that content on the spot when you need it.

Eliminating productivity killers for
businesses, startups and connected workers

"My workflow has never been the same. With Charli I can go back to focusing on what matters — and improve my day in the process! I highly recommend signing up."
Daniella, Vancouver BC
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Alex Clark

Chief Technology Officer

Alex Clark is a seasoned technology innovator and a leading expert in embedded software, massively parallel compute-architectures, service oriented technologies, enterprise class computing, and building high-performance, secure, scalable and distributed solutions. Alex studied aerospace engineering at San Jose State University and has authored numerous publications and patents. Alex was co-founder of Bit Stew Systems alongside Kevin and was responsible for developing the initial software for complex data integration and artificial intelligence.